Monday, Sep 2018

Meet the newest Halloween Beanie Boos! 

These 3 characters are perfect for the avid collector, or for decorating your home during the spooky season.  Let's get to know these kooky characters better...


Name:  Potion

Birthday:  October 3

Loves:  Full moons and pumpkin spice

Dislikes:  Garlic and baths

Favourite Joke:  What did the cat say when the mouse got away?   You've gotta be kitten me!



Name:  Leggz

Birthday:  October 5

Loves:  Old barns and musty corners

Dislikes:  Peppermint and late nights

Favourite Joke:  How do spiders communicate?  Through the world wide web!



Name:  Count

Birthday:  October 6

Loves:  Caves and rollercoasters

Dislikes:  Sunlight and coffee

Favourite Joke:  What's the first thing bats learn at school?  The alpha-bat!