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Become a ByteWorld Tycoon!

Become a ByteWorld Tycoon!

Wednesday, Jun 2021

Welcome to the world of NanoBytes!

NanoBytes are cubular, "smart collectibles" that contain FUN FACTS, JOKE, WORLD RECORDS and so much more!   Scan the QR Code on the back of each NanoByte collectible to earn ByteCoin and learn!  

How does it work?

Download the free NanoBytes: ByteWorld app on Android or iOs.  Scan your QR code into the app and enter your unique code (found on the back sticker inside packaging).  Now, you're on your way to earning ByteCoin!  Start building your world or take a quick break with one of the many mini-games available.

There's 100+ to collect and even and incredible Arcade Playset to explore.  (PSSSST...Scan the playset to unlock the new side-scrolling game ByteQuest!)

Available at Big W here.


Grab a Single Blind Pack, 5 Pack, 10 pack, or Arcade Playset now!