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Welcome to the world of Popidoli!  Unboxing is part of the fun!

Popidoli are beautifully designed, multi-layered boxes that contain an adorable doll and 12 hidden surprises inside.  Each colourful box unfolds to create a unique playroom for you and your doll.  Every box has a different theme that reflects the personality of the Popidoli inside.  


...Beanie Boos, that is.  It's almost halloween which means it's time to snap up these limited edition Beanie Boos.  We absolutely love the four different halloween Beanie Boo designs available; Witchie the cat, Echo the bat, Cobb the spider, and Hyde the owl.  For the first time ever, there's also a halloween Flippable; Omen the bat!  Complete your collection by grabbing these from quality independent retailers such as newsXpress, Toyworld, Mr Toys, and other great stores.  We've been using them to decorate the office in preperation of the spookiest day of the year!


Check out the designs below;