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Let's go, kid!

Let's go, kid!

Thursday, May 2019

The world of Pokemon has come to life in the hit film Pokemon Detective Pikachu!  Fans everywhere can now enjoy their favourite Pokemon from the movie in a wide range of collectible figures, plush, and fun gear.  Our favourite toy in the range is the Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Feature Plush.  This plush looks just like Pikachu from the movie  and includes 2 voice modes; "Detective Pikachu" and "Pikachu".  Choose how you interact with him.  Press his chest button to hear him speak...there's also a few sneaky surprises like multiple responses and some very cute motorized ears.  You can also grab a range of 8" plush featuring Pokemon from the movie.  They also come with sound!

Watch the trailer here via the link below and check out more toys on our Pokemon page here!