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Meet the Crushies!

Meet the Crushies!

Thursday, Nov 2018

Crushies are the adorable and squishee collectible characters that come inside each Bananas toy.  With 24 different Crushies to collect in the first wave of Bananas (and more to come in the future), we thought we'd get to know a couple of them.  Without further ado, introducing;


Name: Hermione Hamster

 Birthday: 2nd October

Fun Bunch: Beach

BFF: Kelso Pony

Hermione Hamster is happy, happy, happy when laying in the sand on the beach. 

Name: Teresa Tiger

Birthday: 1st October

Fun Bunch: Climbing

BFF: Marge Moose

Teresa Tiger loves to play tag.  Gelisa Goat, TAG, you're it!


Name: Pipo Panda

Birthday: 19th October

Fun Bunch: Climbing

BFF: Terence Turtle

Pipo Panda is a fast tree climber, almost as fast as Sheila Squirrel.