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Meet the newest Smooshy Mushy characters

Meet the newest Smooshy Mushy characters

Monday, May 2018

Introducing, the newest gang of goofy Smooshys!  Be on the lookout for these new characters in the Series 2 range, along with their fun new Besties. 

Let's get to know them...

Chelly Chiky & Peggy Eggy
Chelly has a positive point of view, and always finds the good in others. That’s probably why Peggy loves her so much!

Kaila Koala & Charla Chocolate Milk
“Onwards and upwards”. Kaila is adventurous, loves the outdoors, and always has time for a good story.

Labella Lamb & Dita Donut
Labella loves to daydream and can often be found catching a nap in a comfy corner. Though sleepy, she’s always first in line to help others.

Marney Monkey & Cora Cocoa
If you’ve ever heard a knock-knock joke, you can bet Marney thought of it first!  With the quickest of wits, she makes everyone around her belly laugh.

Petula Poodle & Casey Croissant
If you need style tips, Petula’s your gal. With her finger firmly on the fashion pulse, Petula knows what’s hot and what’s not.
Cari Cow & Mitzi Milk
Cari’s most famous catchphrase?  "Woops!”.   Although Cari is a bit of a clutz, she always gets to the bottom of any problem.
Scout Skunk & Cilia Cinnamon Bun
The joker of the bunch, Scout often teams up Marney to play pranks on the others. Nevertheless, she laughs even more when the joke’s on her!
Bayla Bear & Cala Cake
Three words to describe Bayla Bear? Bumbling, blundering, and butterfingered. Born bungling, Baylor Bear behaves beautifully beside bestie Cala Cake.


Smooshy Mushy Core Pets are available from newsXpress, Toyworld, Mr Toys, Casey's, Uncle Pete's, Big W, Kmart, Target