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Meet Wynnie the Parrot!

Meet Wynnie the Parrot!

Monday, Nov 2017

When were you born?

September 19.
Where do you live?
I live in Cooktown in Queensland.  My favourite thing about Cooktown is the view from Grassy Hill Lookout.
What is your favourite food?
Oranges.  They are so yummy, and healthy too.
What’s your favourite joke?
What figure describes a lost parrot?  A polygon!
What is your favourite song?
I can't help but dance to Rockin' Robbin by Michael Jackson.
Who are your friends?
Echo the dolphin and I sometimes like to hang out.  We both love chatting, and racing the waves.
Tell us something interesting about yourself?
Like most birds I have four toes per foot.  However, most birds have three toes in the front, and one in the back...  I have two toes in the front and two toes in the back.  This is so I can grip tree branches and grab food easily.  It's really very handy.