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Micropacks - big fun in a small pack!

Micropacks - big fun in a small pack!

Monday, Apr 2020

Micropacks have finally arrived in Australia, and with it comes a whole new range of unique collectibles.  Micropacks are just that; micro versions of backpacks.  Sitting at approximately 10cm tall, these collectibles are packed with 6 mini stationary surprises including real notebooks, working pens and pencils, paints, tapes and more.  For something in such a small pack they are big fun.  We absolutely loved the cute sticky tape and sticker sets we got in ours 😍.   The zips and pockets are real and work just like a larger backpack so you can store your collectibles (and more) inside them.  They also come with a caribiner to clip on to your own backpack or pencil case.

With over 100 surprises, and 8 backpacks in fun colours to collect there's so much to unbox.  Available late April-early May at Kmart and in quality independent retailers such as newsXpress and Toyworld soon!