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The Top 3 Nella The Princess Knight Toys

The Top 3 Nella The Princess Knight Toys

Thursday, May 2018

Nella the Princess Knight is an adventurous young girl who is both a Princess and a Knight! Courageous, brave, and one-of-a-kind, she's a modern day princess who loves both jousting and jewelry. Accompanied by her unicorn Trinket, wherever there is trouble in her parent's kingdom she'll be there. Our toy testers have trialed some of the coolest new Nella toys, and come up with....


Style Me Nella

Bring out your inner stylist with the Style Me Nella figures and accessories. Each pack contains one of two styles of Nella to choose from; Knight Nella which comes with shield comb and sword, and Princess Nella with tiara comb and hair accessories. Nella's hair is soft and smooth, giving you endless hair styling options to create.

#2  Nella Adventure Collection Figures

Re-enact the fairytale word of Nella the Princess Knight with these fun adventure figures. Three different packs to choose from, each with their own unique accessories; Princess Nell with heart and Chipsqueak, Knight Nella with Impkin and heart, and Trinket unicorn with mirror and hair clip. The only limit is your imagination!

#1 Be Nella! Sparkle Sword

En garde! The ultimate toy for Nella fans who want to be right in the action. This motion activated sword comes with lights and sounds, so you can roleplay your favourite Nella adventures. Press the button on the sword to hear 10 different fun phrases. It also comes with a cute Nella tiara which plugs in to the sword to activate more sparkly lights and sounds.