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Oh So Smooshy! Oh So Squishy!

Oh So Smooshy! Oh So Squishy!

Tuesday, Nov 2017

Smooshy Mooshys are a quirky new toy with so many different characters to collect.  There's a wide variety of cute Smooshy characters who have their own sweet pets.   Launching into Kmart in late 2017, you'll find the Core Pets which include a brightly coloured container, 1 Smooshy Mushy character and 1 Bestie with special container.  Full warning: Squishing your Smooshy is highly addictive!  Packs also include a collectors sheet so you can complete your whole set.   There's also the super fun Bestie Bags (which include one Bestie).  These Smooshies also smell DELICIOUS, and there's even super rare characters to collect.


Available From: Kmart