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Unwind to Find!

Unwind to Find!

Tuesday, Sep 2020


The ultimate crafty toy has arrived: Ravel Tales!  And with it comes hours of crafty fun to be had.  If you like cute and cuddly plush, and love a bit of DIY crafting fun, then Ravel Tales are your new best friends!  Inside each pack is a colourful ball of yarn to unbox.  Unravel the yarn to find 9 fun surprises inside.  Included in each pack is an adorable plush, along with all the tools and pieces you need to get crafting.  Create pom poms, braid friendship bracelets, and even sew your plush's bed so it's nice and comfy!

There's 12 different plush to collect in the first series, and with more to come you'll have plenty of cute characters in your collection.

Ravel Tales are available now at Big W, Target, Toyworld, Mr Toys, and other great retailers.